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    • This versatile, highly-adjustable upper-body exerciser can be used seated or standing. It’s also ideal for ground-based training.
    PRO1 Adjustable Upper Body Exerciser
    • The PRO1000 offers great upper-body engagement with high-adjustability so any exerciser can reach their fitness goals.
    PRO1000 Upper Body Exerciser
    • The PRO2 is an upper-body exerciser and lower-body recumbent bike built into one for a total-body solution. It allows a great variety of exercise for everyone from athletes to active aging or rehab patients.
    PRO2 Total Body Exerciser
    • The REX Recumbent Elliptical provides smooth elliptical movement for an efficient total-body exercise that is meant to reduce tension and improve muscle activation in exercisers.
    REX Recumbent Elliptical
    • The StepOne Recumbent Stepper is a highly-adjustable and accommodating total-body functional trainer. It’s a foundational product for progressing through a fitness journey—no matter the fitness level of the exerciser.
    • Core Stix gives people confidence in their health and total well-being by providing both assistance and resistance. It’s an affordable, easy to use, wheelchair accessible functional trainer that uses rods (Stix) and instructional placards to guide exercisers toward their fitness goals.
    Core Stix