bring performance home

bring performance home.

It's time to bring the standard into your home gym.

  • Easily adjusts from 5 - 100LB
  • Replaces up to 40 pairs of dumbbells
  • Straight, high friction grip and open angle interior for max comfort
  • Combines Hammer Strength Standard and proven PowerBlock design
  • 7 different back pad positions
  • Declines as low as -10°
  • Inclines up to 75°
  • Certified to commercial ASTM and EN standards with 845LB load rating
  • Same quality found in Hammer Strength benches in facilities around the world
  • 11-gauge steel frames
  • Compact design, but trusted Hammer Strength quality
  • Enough depth for all standard lifts — including incline bench
  • Weight horns add convenient plate storage
  • Easy self-install
  • Transforms from traditional flat bench to angled bench (17° incline)
  • Optimal for glute bridges and stability presses
  • Stores in upright position
  • Up to 23% lighter than comparable flat benches
  • Meets ASTM standards with 675LB load rating