Exerciser using resistance bands while stretching in a forward lunge.Detail photo of Life Fitness resistance tubes, designed for a comfortable grip while exercising.A set of Life Fitness Power Bands, designed to provide resistance and give assistance while exercising, stretching, or performing body weight training.

Resistance Bands

    • The Life Fitness Covered Resistance Tube adds durability and peace of mind to a fitness favorite! The stretchy gray nylon sleeve protects the tubing from nicks, cuts, overstretching. The ergonomic plastic handles feature a textured rubber grip for stability and comfort. Five color coded resistances, clearly listed on the nylon handle straps. Interior tube is 60" long, but will stretch. Sold individually.
    $16.95 - $18.95
    (9 Reviews)
    • Designed to provide resistance and give assistance. These power bands are extremely versatile and can be used in various strength training exercises.
    $11.20 - $72.80
    (2 Reviews)
    • Versatile resistance training that provides nearly limitless indoor and outdoor exercise options. A carabiner and cinch loop conveniently attach each VECTOR to a properly rated anchor point. With just a turn of a dial you can quickly adjust the resistance during a series of reps. Mix and match the internally replaceable VECTOR tubes to achieve 10 to 100 pounds of resistance.
    $445.00 - $495.00

Used in strength training, flexibility or body weight exercises.