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Life Fitness Anchor Resistance Tubes, Medium (Red) and Light (Blue) variants
Anchor resistance tube secured and tied, red loop
Exerciser pulling with Life Fitness resistance tube
Exerciser pressing with anchor resistance tube - using handles
Exerciser pulling with resistance tube, using handles
Exercise outside working out with dual grip anchor resistance tubes
Exercise outside working out with dual grip anchor resistance tube anchored to house
Exerciser with resistance tubes on Ride CX bike
Working out with bands attached to exercise bike

Life Fitness

Anchor Resistance Tubes

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Style:Dual Grip
Resistance:Light (7-27 LBS)
SKU: LF-RTB-2001-01

Life Fitness Anchor Resistance Tubes attach to pullup bars and uprights to create an anchor point to pull, push, and twist away from. The outer gray nylon sleeve covers the inner resistance tube from nicks, cuts, and overstretching. Move your starting point away from the anchor point to increase resistance profile.

These tubes are offered in two different styles.

  • Dual Grip Handles: Push / pull against the anchor point
  • Loops: Attach around waist, quad, ankle and move away from anchor point

Warranty: 90 Days

High Demand Product
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