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IC5 Indoor Cycle
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The IC5 combines innovative design with precision engineering and high-quality mechanical components. Thanks to the WattRate® LCD computer, IC5 features performance displayed in watts.
The IC5 combines innovative design with precision engineering and high-quality mechanical components. Thanks to the WattRate® LCD computer, IC5 features performance displayed in watts.
Foam Roller
Foam Roller
  • The Foam Roller is an effective workout tool that’s extremely popular in health clubs. It improves blood flow, speeds recovery after a workout and can help reduce the risk of injury.


Premium Equipment Mat - Small
Premium Equipment Mat - Small
  • Life Fitness Premium Mats prolong the life of your cardio equipment and flooring. They are designed to increase exercise stability and enhance the usage of all Life Fitness cardio equipment.


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About This Product

The Perfect Fit

Four-way user-assist adjustments of the handlebar and saddle make it easy to create the perfect fit for every rider.

Industry Leading Q-Factor

Q-Factor is the distance between your feet when sitting on the bike. Our industry-leading 155mm Q-Factor makes you feel like you’re on a real bike, increasing safety, comfort, and efficiency in every pedal stroke.

Smooth Magnetic Resistance System

The precision-engineered resistance system on the rear flywheel gives you varying levels of resistance. Plus, no brake pads means no maintenance or wear and tear.

Dual-Use Pedals

The bike pedals have SPD clips compatible with most cycling shoes. Or, use the other side of the pedal with regular gym shoes.

Poly-V Belt Drivetrain

The belt drivetrain is capable of smoothly transferring extreme levels of torque at an incredibly fast flywheel speed.

Coach by Color

Performance displayed in watts gives you an extremely accurate understanding of your exercise output, and the Coach By Color Intensity Guide helps you maximize your workout with five specific training zones.

Console Display

Watt Rate LCD Computer

The WattRate® LCD Computer features a fully integrated LCD screen with an on-demand backlight function. The LED indicator located above the LCD screen gives you the ability to use the Coach By Color® intensity guide. The screen displays a wealth of valuable training data such as watts, heart rate, RPMs, exercise duration and resistance level. The five touch sensor buttons ensure a fast and intuitive operation of the computer, even during workouts. You can also connect to external devices via Bluetooth, including the ICG Training App.

Display 1

  • Shows “actual” performance data in one screen view, including RPMs, resistance level, watts and training zone.
  • Display 2

  • Shows further detailed “actual” performance data such as heart rate, watt / KG and watt / HR.
  • Display 3

  • Provides the user with a quick review of “maximum” and “average” performance values during the workout.
  • Display 4

  • Displays real-time feedback of the user's time in each training zone – watt rate, or heart rate training modes.
  • Coach by Color

    The Coach by Color® power program improves your riding experience and helps you achieve your fitness goals by delivering real-time, color-coded feedback. Coach by Color has five colored training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. The color you see while you ride is controlled by your functional threshold of power (FTP.) Once your personal FTP is established by the bike's computer, you're able to accurately understand your effort as you ride. And when you pair Coach by Color with the ICG training app, expert instruction from Team ICG coaches you to achieve your goals.


    • Adjustment Type Levers
    • Assembled Dimensions 52"L x 20.5" W x 47.2"H(132 cm x 52 cm x 120 cm)
    • Assembled Weight 112 lbs (51 kg)
    • Computer WattRate® LCD Computer
    • Computer Power Supply Batteries
    • Connect Technology Bluetooth und ANT+
    • Crank Type CrMo 6.79 (172.5 mm)
    • Drivetrain Poly-V belt
    • Drivetrain Gear Ratio 1:10
    • Emergency Stop Push (EN-957-10)
    • Flywheel Rear, aluminum , evenly-weighted
    • Frame Color Matte slate
    • Frame Design Off-set
    • Frame Material Steel
    • Frame Stabilizer Bars Oversized, hidden bolts & fixings
    • Handlebar Ergo-formed, multi position, soft PVC
    • Handlebar Adjustments Vertical & horizontal
    • Leveling Feet 4
    • Max User Weight 330 lbs (150 kg)
    • Pedal Type Dual-sided SPD & toe cage
    • Posts & Sliders Aluminum, pin-to-lock adjustment
    • Power Measurement WattRate® Power Meter (ISO 20957-10)
    • Protection and Stretch Plates Molded form-fit with stretch plate
    • Resistance System Magnetic
    • Saddle Unisex padded sport saddle
    • Saddle Adjustments Vertical & horizontal
    • Shrouds/Guards Full frame
    • Training Intensity Guide Coach By Color®
    • Transport Wheels 2
    • User Assist Adjustments Handlebar gas-assisted lift
    • Warranty (warranties outside the U.S. may vary) Structural frame – 5 years; Mechanical components – 3 years; Other parts – 1 year; Labor – 1 year
    • Water Bottle Holder Dual, integrated on handlebar
    • Workout Tracking ICG Training App


    Love this bike


    I use this bike when I can't bike outdoors. I start my day on the bike and love all the different workout programs it offers. It's a key element to my fitness routine.




    Dump the gym!


    A gift for myself! So much easier not being tied to a gym. This has really changed my overall fitness performance and enjoyment in exercise.


    Munster, IN


    Awesome Bike


    I love this bike. I first rode this bike at my gym, but wanted to be able to do a spin class whenever it fit into my schedule, so I decided to look it up. It is super easy to operate. The ride is smooth and quiet!! It is easy to adjust, so my boyfriend and I can both ride it with the right fit for us without a big hassle! I like that one side of the pedal is clip in and the other is strap on. It's easy to use for a YouTube spin class! It's a quality product, worth every penny!!




    My favorite spin bike


    Fantastic bike. Bought this because it was the same spin bike my old gym had and I wanted to have the same one at home. Only complaint is that sometime the wheel is a little noisy and makes a clicking sound. I will attempt to tighten up the pieces to see if it stops, but it does not affect my workout so I can't really complain.

    T. B.

    North Carolina


    Same great spin workout in the comfort of my home


    Awesome bike and easy to customize your workout. My only complaint is the bike squeaks at times. This can be very annoying so I tend to just turn up my music to try and mask it. I still this was a great purchase!

    Mama on a bike



    Second to none


    I absolutely love my IC5. I was regularly spending money on spin classes before deciding to invest in my own bike, and the convenience of having my own spin class in the basement is amazing. Plus, I have ridden a lot of spin cycles, including other manufacturers...this bike is second to none.




    Highly recommended indoor cycle


    I bike 25-30 miles 6 days a week, this bike actually makes me not dread working out.


    Ypsilanti, MI


    Soooo Happy with my bike!!Expensive still worth it! Amazing!


    Performance! Nothing negative


    Montreal, Canada


    Wobbly IC5


    Just bought an IC5 11/25/18 and sorry to say I'm very disappointed with its onboard app, It's connectivity, and overall built quality. I was able to get the IC5 on sale – that's what motivated me to buy it, and I did pay for assembling with free shipping. 1st. The handlebar stem will not tighten securely when knob is tighten - it's not rock solid. When peddling the handlebars and stem wobble side to side and gives an impression the stem is not tightened correctly, it's really annoying and feels chintzy. 2nd. The computer does not record or register any info when pedaling less than 50 RPMs. Software UI needs an upgrade and refresh badly, it's really an old school design interface. 3rd. The onboard app is not user-friendly, switching from one exercise program to another can easily cause the wifi to disconnect, so you'll have to restart the process of reconnecting the app to your wifi source. Can be a waste of time. 4th. The onboard app doesn't play well with others, will not connect to 3rd party apps like Zwift or FulGaz. 5th. Costumer support passes the buck _ deny and reflect and most of all unaccountable. 6th. Salespeople are not well informed about the IC5 in general and lack any knowledge on how to assemble it to factory spec's. Basically, it might be a good idea to avoid this indoor bike unless you can deal with all its shortcoming, overall design quality, and customer support.


    Rio Vista, Ca


    Very satisfied so far.


    This seems to be a very well built machine. The seat however is uncomfortable, but I expect that will improve after it gets used a bit. I am considering adding a pad to the current seat to improve comfort. I like the easy adjustments and the mobility of the machine itself. The controller is easy to read and has all the information I want for the training I do.


    River Falls, WI


    IC5 Indoor Cycle

    4.6 11