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Why Life Fitness Wants to Help You Beat “Dad Bod”

Hey Dad,

Isn’t it time to take back your body?

We all get why “Dad Bod” happens. You spend years putting the needs of your kids first. Over time, your once-proud frame stands obscured by added chub.

No one can fault you for this. But you can’t let it go on forever. Because if you don’t change, you’re liable to have a real problem on your hands.

Carrying excess belly fat puts you at greater risk for all kinds of life-threatening conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer, just to name the headliners.

Making matters worse, belly fat is probably holding you back from being and feeling your best right now. Study after study connects carrying excess fat with increased knee, neck and back pain.

It’s time to fight back, and Life Fitness is here to help -- with a FREE workout guide designed exactly for dads like you.

The Roadmap from “Dad Bod” to “Rad Bod”

You see it all the time in movies or on TV. Guys like John Krasinski go from looking like the fairly normal “Jim Halpert” on The Office to the bad*ss “Jack Ryan.”

How do they make the shift? Through smarter training -- workouts that squeeze the most results out of every minute.  

Our family of Life Fitness Ambassadors and Trainers work with celebrities (including Krasinski) and pro athletes all the time, so we knew they could help you too.

We reached out and asked them to create workouts specifically for beating the dreaded “dad bod” look -- and do it on a schedule that works for really busy dads (like you).

The guys we contacted “got it” immediately, because -- like you -- they’re balancing their work with raising kids. They understand how tough it is to balance family, work, and working out. So they created highly efficient routines that scorch fat and calories while building muscle.

Inside the new “Buh-Bye, Dad Bod” eBook, you’ll find…

  • Highly effective workouts proven to get results. These are routines you can do anywhere, anytime, with minimal equipment or even just your bodyweight.
  • Maximum calorie burn, minimum time. Most sessions you’ll find inside can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Smart programming makes them highly effective at torching fat.
  • Exercises for building a superhero chest and torso, directly from an A-list Hollywood trainer.
  • Pro moves for injury-proofing your body. Turn back the hands of time and steer clear of common body breakdowns like back or shoulder pain.
  • Real advice on fitness and life from relatable dads. The guys who developed these workouts are elite trainers, sure. But they’re also dads. They get what you’re going through. And inside the guide, they offer tips and tactics for how they balance fitness, family and life.

You get all of this, FREE, when you claim your copy of “Buh-Bye, Dad Bod.”

And that’s just the beginning.

A Special Limited-Time Offer

When you sign up to receive your free copy of “Buh-Bye, Dad Bod,” you also receive two HUGE incentives. Namely:

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This is the Row HX Trainer. It’s a sleek yet durable way to build muscle and scorch fat simultaneously.

Hop on the Row HX and you’ll feel the smooth, natural fluid resistance with each pull. The seat glides effortlessly, providing a comfortable platform as you crush stroke after stroke.

Adjustable resistance lets you dial in the intensity to exactly the level you want. When your workout is done, you can turn the Row HX upright and store it anywhere.

The Row HX Trainer is valued at $1,500. Sign up and it could be yours, FREE*.

So let’s recap.

You can get powerfully effective workouts -- free.

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Meanwhile, the upsides include all the value above -- and the knowledge that you’re taking the first steps toward becoming a fitter, healthier you.

You don’t have to be one of those guys who complain about their body being fat or broken. You’ve come too far to become like some pitiful character from a Springsteen song, sitting around and thinking about how things used to be.

You are a dad. Your kids are looking up to you. Your glory days are right now.

At least they can be when you take action today.

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