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Power Bands, lined up in varying color and resistance
Power Bands, 0.25in X 4.5MM Thick,Orange
Power Bands, 0.5in X 4.5MM Thick,Red
Power Bands, 0.5in X 6MM Thick,Blue
Power Bands, 1.25in X 4.5MM Thick,Green
Power Bands, 1.75in X 4.5MM Thick,Black
Power Bands, 2.5in X 4.5MM Thick,Purple
Power Bands, 4in X 4.5MM Thick,Black
Life Fitness Power Band - Grey


Power Bands

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Select a Resistance:0.25in, Orange
SKU: ACC-BD-1000-02

Sold Individually.

Designed to provide resistance and give assistance. These power bands are extremely versatile and can be used in various strength training exercises.

Each Power Band is made to withstand even the harshest conditions. They can be used in strength training, flexibility or body weight exercises. Each Power Band is 41 inches in length. There are 7 color-coded bands, to choose from that vary in width, thickness and overall resistance to provide you the variety you need for each unique workout.

Color  Dimensions Resistance
Orange 41in x 0.25in x 4.5mm 2 - 10LB
41in x 0.5in x 4.5mm 5 - 25LB
41in x 0.5in x 6mm 10 - 35LB
41in x 1.25in x 4.5mm 30 - 50LB
41in x 1.75in x 4.5mm 50 - 85LB
Purple 41in x 2.25in x 4.5mm 80 - 100LB
41in x 4in x 4.5mm 100 - 200LB

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High Demand Product
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