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    Respect What Builds You

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  • Hammer Strength

    Respect What Builds You

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Fitness for Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle may not encourage you to be healthy—but we will. We provide the tools needed for a transformational workout experience no matter your age or fitness level.

  • Beginner Beginner
  • Fitness-minded Fitness-minded
  • Dedicated training Dedicated training
  • Professional Professional

Why Life Fitness?

  • Widest Selection
    Widest Selection Several lines of equipment for all different exercise goals
  • Unparalleled Biomechanics
    Unparalleled Biomechanics Decades of research and testing keep our products unrivaled in quality
  • Expert Installation
    Expert Installation Extensive experience in making purchasing and installation easy
  • WidestClub-inspired Home Fitness
    Club-inspired Home Fitness Our home fitness products are just like those you’d see at the club
  • Trusted History
    Trusted History Built on trusted heritage and known quality
  • Professional Preferred
    Professional Preferred Preferred in the fitness industry by trainers and athletes

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